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“A is for Albus, stunning beard owner”

In case you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, I’ve recently been perusing Buzzfeed. What a glorious place that is. Just chock full of the most outrageous things any one person could ever hope for. Today, I discovered the Harry Potter Alphabet. This is by far my favourite one, but the rest are also pretty hilarious. Continue reading

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Blasphemy Candygram, Butawhiteboy Cantbekhan, and Beetlejuice Curdlemilk

Like Julia, I too have been preoccupied with packing and getting ready for our big move on Saturday. Not too busy, however, to discover this little gem on Buzzfeed. It’s the Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator! Honestly, it’s hilarious. And it’s nice to know that other people besides my mother struggles just a bit with his complex name. Continue reading

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Moving timez

Well moving day is nearly upon us (three days to go!) so I’ve been in major, major packing mode. The first day I started packing (Monday) I packed for nearly the whole day and felt like my apartment seemed significantly emptier. It turns out I had just filled ten boxes with books. Gracious I have a lot of books. But, now that the books are safely packed up, the only things left for me to pack are my dishes, food from the fridge, and shower/bathroom stuff. I am on a roll. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About How Boring Harry Potter Would’ve Been with the Two of Us

Last night, Julia and I watched the sixth Harry Potter movie. For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know, that’s  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t know why I chose that one specifically, but I did. So deal with it. In any case, Julia made the comment that, if she was in the place of Harry, nothing would ever have happened because the majority of the things that he does is not something she would ever consider doing. And I agree. Continue reading

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The wedding whirlwind

Guys. We have THE BEST weekend lined up! Continue reading

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Back to school!

I’m long over the unusual nagging longing that comes with this time of year that makes me think that I should be finding my way back to university campus with a pixie cut, a giant tea, and a ton of scarves (some things at least never change). While sometimes I miss being on campus a little bit (cobblestones, fall leaves, those demonic squirrels, the art students smoking outside the library, even touting around the immense Norton Shakespeare the feeling of panic over reading Paradise Lost and Homi Bhaba) I’ve certainly moved past that constant feeling of “am I forgetting something?” that made me feel like though I’m at work I’m actually supposed to be at school. No, school is solidly over, until I decide to a masters in something incredibly practical like film adaptations of comic books. Continue reading

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I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me

A couple days, while perusing the MSN homepage before I began my work day, I stumbled across something that both Julia and I have decided is hilariously wonderful. Continue reading

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I really want to send this package, but I can’t because I have a job

I’ve been getting ready to move in a week, packing and such. I’ve also been just generally getting my life in order. Throwing away crap I didn’t know I had and still don’t know why I had. I guess this is why people have garage sales; to unload all of their unwanted crap on unsuspecting, naive strangers who will willingly pay too much money for a used dollar store notebook and a sieve from 1976. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About … the funny/cute scale

On Sunday Hilary and I went to see We’re the Millers which was rather funny, and a good watch all round. But it got us thinking about guys who are just so much cuter because they’re funny. Continue reading

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A wedding season survival guide

You know it’s summer, and by extension wedding season, has officially begun when your life starts to feel like a scene from 27 Dresses. I don’t think I’ll get over my astonishment at the coincidence that next weekend I’ll be attending two weddings in the span of three days, and I’ll be wearing a sari to one. Likely I won’t be changing in the back of a taxi with a surprisingly trusting cabbie at the helm, but I wouldn’t mind bumping into James Marsden either. Continue reading

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