This Bachelor Might Be the Best Ever

Well, folks, it’s Monday night and no Bachelorette. I can’t say I’m terribly upset; I personally found most of Des’ season quite painful. She was not my most favourite of people and none of the men were that fantastic. That having been said, I’m glad she chose Chris, poetry aside.

One thing that was wonderful in Des’ season and something I am very much looking forward to is Juan Pablo. That is going to be a great season of The Bachelor. Besides being adorable and seemingly lovely, Juan Pablo also has many other fantastic qualities. They include, but certainly aren’t limited to:

  1. He’s very good-looking
  2. He has a fantastic accent
  3. The possibilities that the women will butcher the pronunciation of his name in much the same way that Des did are bound to be both comedic and bountiful
  4. I feel like he and Chris Harrison could become excellent bros together

But I won’t lie, the reason I’m so excited and that I like Juan Pablo so much is because of that one time Des dropped popcorn down the front of her shirt by accident and he merely reached in, pulled it out, and ate it, all without a moment’s hesitation.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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