Hilary officially started a countdown until we move, with two friends C-Biscuit and Cricket, into our new apartment/forever home.  This place is gorgeous so I’ll be sure to share lots of photos once we’ve moved in and set up our Sean Connery shrine. But other than starting to pack up the millions of books I have in prep for this move, and I’ve mostly been making my way obsessively through the third season of Chuck (I only have two words: JOHN CASEY!).

And then I bought a new scarf.

I know. I know. I said I wouldn’t buy anymore until the fall and then I bought this one for ONLY $12! So that couldn’t have been helped.


And then it was just a downward spiral from there.


it’s so SNUGLY!

But in my defense, we’re experiencing the most gorgeous spring weather in August right now. Normally it’s Heat Wave City, but you know, Climate Change, and all that horrible stuff, has given us clear skies, no humidity, and about 20 – 25 degrees every day. It’s actually beautiful, and I feel justified in wearing GIGANTIC scarves with sundresses. Because how else do you dress for spring in the middle of summer?

The best thing is this gigantic scarf then transitions nicely to couch, where I spend far too much time, absorbed in the secret world of Chuck. Guys. It’s official now. I need a scarf and a Chuck intervention. A Charf intervention. A Charvention.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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