Let’s Talk About … the funny/cute scale

On Sunday Hilary and I went to see We’re the Millers which was rather funny, and a good watch all round. But it got us thinking about guys who are just so much cuter because they’re funny.

Julia: While the movie was good (and very funny), the most remarkable thing about the movie was that Jason Sudeikis became in my eyes at least, somebody who could totally date Jennifer Aniston. She’s revered and celebrated for her sex-appeal and he’s mostly a hilarious comedian, and at the end of the film, you’re totally into him. It’s the funny/cute scale. Similar to the hot/crazy scale created by Barney on How I Met Your Mother, the funnier and more affable a guy gets, the better looking he becomes, until he can nab one of the most famous women in the world who’s way better looking than his own fiancé (cough Olivia Wilde, cough). I think Jason Sudeikis operates this way as well as Jason Segal.

I would argue though that Joseph Gordon Levitt is just simply adorable both for his cuteness and his hilarity and it’s a different sort of funny/cute because he’s just stand-out adorbz from the beginning and being funny is just the icing on the cake.

Hilary: You’re right, this is exactly what happened with Jason Segal. Remember when he was dating Michelle Williams and people were ridiculously pleased? Every time anyone talked about it, there was a lot of giggling and happy squealing. But it’s not as if they really match appearance-wise. She’s quite a small, delicate-looking woman. Fine bones and what not. Jason Segal is kind of lumpish. In an adorable way, of course. Because he’s hilarious and precious.

Julia: He is hilarious and precious. Much like John Krasinski who married Emily Blunt who’s all gorgeous and stuff. He’s absolutely adorable, looks great with short hair, and has the added bonus of being outrageously tall. That man’s a catch! And I don’t think it’s just us (who clearly place high value on humour), I think the funny/cute guy is a cultural phenomenon. It’s kind of like a nerdy guy revolution because all of those guys are very smart, and very accomplished. Seth Rogan wrote 50/50 for heaven’s sake.

Hilary: Yes, and he has the laugh of a demented sea lion. But I think his wife is quite cute as well. She is, I just looked her up. She’s adorable.

While we’re on the subject, but not really, can we all take a moment to reflect on Tina Fey’s husband? Maybe it works the same for women, but in reverse (so I guess not really the same at all then…)

Julia: So what you’re saying is that with women the funny/cute works in the opposite way? As in the funnier you are the less cute you are? Because that’s probably bad news for us. (Though Tina Fey’s husband could not really be classified as a looker, it’s horribly true.)

Hilary: No, no, I’m not saying that funny women are less cute. I guess it’s not really the opposite either. What I really wanted to do was point out that Tina Fey’s husband is not as pretty as she is. And also short. But apparently quite a talented composer. Ah, those musicians. They get women every time.

Julia: Ahhh composers. I always think of Jack Black in The Holiday (where he employed the funny/cute scale to great success might I add) and the songs he wrote for his friends. “This one’s you. I used only the good notes.”

HilaryNice segue there. I’m trying to think of other actors that are made cuter by the fact that they’re funny. I’m thinking Chris Pratt, though he apparently got quite jacked for a recent movie.

Julia: Oh and he was a babe in Money Ball.

I think Jimmy Kimmel would fit in this category. The man appears to have a rather large head, but a pretty one.

Hilary: Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon? I feel like there’s a very important difference. Both are funny, and yet…

Julia: WOAH Jimmy Fallon. Though if Jimmy Kimmel was all like, hey let me take you out for pie, I’d be all like, yeah, let’s go. I wouldn’t say no to pie, or Kimmel.

Hilary: Why is Jimmy Kimmel asking you out for pie? I mean, I probably wouldn’t say no to pie or Jimmy Kimmel either, but I just don’t understand how this scenario would’ve come about.

Julia: Well, Hilary, I’m on a vacation in New York (or wherever it is they film his show) and when hopping off my double-decker tour bus I sprain my ankle and am forced to hobble into a local bakery. There I sit in pain as my friends ditch me to frolic in Central Park, but joke’s on them, because who should walk through the door, but the incredibly famous talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. A well-known muffin enthusiast, Kimmel is taking a break from writing the script for tomorrow’s show to partake in some pastries. He notices me, cradling my ankle at the exact second he notices a medium-sized lemon meringue pie on the counter behind me. The pie is too big to eat on one’s own, but way too small to share with his writing staff, so he asks me if I’d like to share the pie with him. I have soulful eyes. People are always trying to share pie with me. I say yes. One thing leads to another and yadda yadda yadda I’m his senior staff writer.

Hilary: I feel like you’ve yada yadaed the best part.

The pie.

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About … the funny/cute scale

  1. Alison G says:

    You guys are just spectacular. Please write more back-and-forths like this one.
    Also, I Googled Tina Fey’s husband and nearly cried. I’m no where near as funny as her, what on earth do I have to look forward to?

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