Back to school!

I’m long over the unusual nagging longing that comes with this time of year that makes me think that I should be finding my way back to university campus with a pixie cut, a giant tea, and a ton of scarves (some things at least never change). While sometimes I miss being on campus a little bit (cobblestones, fall leaves, those demonic squirrels, the art students smoking outside the library, even touting around the immense Norton Shakespeare the feeling of panic over reading Paradise Lost and Homi Bhaba) I’ve certainly moved past that constant feeling of “am I forgetting something?” that made me feel like though I’m at work I’m actually supposed to be at school. No, school is solidly over, until I decide to a masters in something incredibly practical like film adaptations of comic books.

And yet, as August draws to a close, it’s always an exciting, charged time of year. It’s always filled with big change. No longer is it going back to school and getting a new class schedule and all new (sometimes terrifying) professors. This year it’s moving into a new (and incredibly gorgeous) apartment. I still haven’t packed but the prospect of moving makes me feel jubilant. And not just because my apartment had a leak earlier this week and there’s a big gaping hole in my ceiling and all my furniture is pushed to one wall.

Every career move I’ve made since graduating has also happened in the early fall. People seem to wake up from the sleepy yet busy summer months and work is less “let’s just get through the summer” and less “let’s take Friday off and go golfing” (never once has anybody invited me to do this. I’m sure it’ll happen though) and more “let’s attack these new, massive projects creatively!” Everything is fresh and new and exciting.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

Even though school has been over for some time and I don’t even remotely miss Scantrons, Freud, or that pixie cut, life sort of seems to cycling around according to the school year, and fall still becomes so exciting again. Instead of buying school supplies it’s picture frames and instead of finding your lecture hall it’s moving desks, but in the end, every year, I really do get those “back to school” feelings.

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