The wedding whirlwind

Guys. We have THE BEST weekend lined up!

This weekend we’re going to two weddings, and we’re incredibly excited about it. Kicking it off tonight, we’re going to be dancing, eating, and smiling galore with Safia and Omar. Safia is one of my best and oldest friends; we grew up around the corner from each other, we’ve known each other since kindegarten, and nobody can make me laugh quite as much as Safia. If you people think we’re funny (and I hope you do), you would die over Saf.

Then, we’re driving to wine country for our cousin Rick’s wedding. Rick’s marrying Robyn, who might be the most beautiful person on the planet, and who is genuinely lovely, and sassy. So yeah, we’re pretty stoked. We’re also MCing this wedding and have been getting a lot of really useful tips like “feel free to be funny” so we’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ll try and take lots of Instagrams (you know how I am) and I’ll try not to drink too much wine country wine (you know how I am).

Have a good weekend friends!

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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