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Pioneers Had It Rough

I am unbelievably pleased to have internet access once again. And, on top of that, to have my own phone back again. Just the most wonderful things in the world. As Julia said, it was like living as a pioneer and I was the most pioneer out of everyone. I mean, minus the wood-chopping and bonnets and stuff. Continue reading

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The pilgrim days are nearly over: An Instagram update

Well friends, if all goes well, and the universe becomes less a cruel, cruel she-devil, and more a kind benevolent force, we will have internet by 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. I can practically hear all the followers rejoicing that I won’t be moaning about this any more. I’m pleased too. Continue reading

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In defense of One Direction (or at the very least, ID’s PR team)

On the weekend, a couple of us went to go see the One Direction movie. Cinematic genius it was not, so yes, you may feel free to judge me all you want. That’s cool. I get it. Continue reading

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“So…do you hate your roommates yet?”

Julia and I, as you will already know, have recently moved into an apartment with two of our friends, Dominique, more commonly known as Cricket (at least around our house), and Carolyn, or C-Biscuit (with a French accent). Our apartment is lovely, we have tonnes of space (so much so that it makes our furniture look tiny), and an extremely friendly cat that hangs about. Our neighbours across the street are very concerned about our parking situation and are always giving us helpful tips, like “don’t park on the street, the drunk students will rip your mirrors off”. Ah, friendly neighbourly advice. Continue reading

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Crop tops, hair cuts, and Miley Cyrus

Well, it’s finally true. After months, nay, years, or US Weekly’s relentless speculation, it appears that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have indeed called off their engagement. I read about it in the Globe and Mail, so you know it’s legit now. Continue reading

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In Lesser Defense of Miley Cyrus

As Julia said, we still don’t have internet at our apartment. Who knows when we will? It’s horrible, let me assure you. On the other hand, our mother is probably pleased that she gets to see us so often now that we’ve started coming over to our parents’ house to use their internet. Or perhaps she’s not pleased at all and just wants us to get the heck out already! I don’t blame her; I tend to get the dog all riled up. In my defense, it’s not hard to do. Continue reading

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Wedding dancing

“So Julia, what else have you been up to, besides reading and moping over your lack of internet,” you ask me? Even if you didn’t, I’m still going to tell you. I’ve been to ALL the weddings, and it’s been lovely. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About…Sherlock

We talked about Sherlock an age ago, but since we’re not letting our lack of internet hold us back, we’re posting it now. There are hilarious pictures in this one. You’re welcome. Continue reading

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Pilgrim Dayz

I’m fairly certain that we’re never going to have internet again. Yes, that’s correct, we went on a million year hiatus and we still don’t have wifi in our (gorgeous) apartment. Excuse me while I just go cry softly to myself. Continue reading

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