Pilgrim Dayz

I’m fairly certain that we’re never going to have internet again. Yes, that’s correct, we went on a million year hiatus and we still don’t have wifi in our (gorgeous) apartment. Excuse me while I just go cry softly to myself.

But, due to popular demand (ok, one person – hi Adam!), we thought it was high time we brought the blog back and just become more resourceful and forage for internet like pilgrims. That’s a bad simile but we really are just like pilgrims, with our lack of internet, and our irrational fear of witches. I’m just kidding, we love magic (Harry Potter’s real, my letter just got lost in the mail!). In fact, without internet, we’ve spent the greater part of the past weekend watching Sabrina the Teenaged Witch episodes on DVD. Man that show was classic.

In our time sans internet, or B.I. (Before Internet) we also kind of accidentally kidnapped, or “catnapped” as my mum jokes, a random black cat. She had taken to darting into our house and making herself comfortable, which we thought was kind of strange, but not perhaps unwelcome (she’s cute and very friendly!), and we had taken to letting her. We had named her Chutney Severus Cat, but we learned yesterday that she’s our landlord’s cat, and apparently her name is Licorice (which changes everything) so we’re going to do our best not to steal her anymore. (Though it does make me feel significantly better about that one night that I let Chutney/Licorice sleep in my bed. Thank the lord she’s not a random stray with fleas/worms/hepatitis.)

Also in our time B.I. we’ve read a lot. I’ve been reading mostly out of fear – fear instilled by the fact that I now have Chuck Season Four and Five on a USB stick, and the knowledge that if I start watching it, it will truly consume my life. It’s happened before. It will happen again. So I’ve mostly been reading as a way to cling to some sort of control over my own life. Perhaps I’ll take some vacation days in a while and just binge watch the remainder of Chuck from the safety of my own home.

But in any case, while I’ve been reading I’ve finished The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Gallbraith, a.k.a. J.K. Rowling. IT’S SO GOOD! I mean we’re not talking Harry Potter-good, but a normal level of good. It’s infinitely better than The Casual Vacancy in many significant ways, but primarily:

  1. You don’t absolutely hate every sing wretched character and whish that you could condemn them all to a miserable afterlife. In fact, you quite like them, flaws and all.
  2. The plot is not only interesting, but gripping and suspenseful (hello murder mystery!).
  3. The writing is good. How refreshing.

Though the language is, quite frankly, shocking (she’s a bit of a fan of a casual c-word in this novel, which is alarming to say the least), I hope she keeps up with these characters and starts writing a series. It’s good. You should all check it out.

This was a terrifically rambling blog post. Welcome back peeps! Stay tuned for “Let’s Talk About …” tomorrow where Hilary and I will go on hilariously about Lord knows what. It’ll be an adventure for us all!

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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