Let’s Talk About…Sherlock

We talked about Sherlock an age ago, but since we’re not letting our lack of internet hold us back, we’re posting it now. There are hilarious pictures in this one. You’re welcome.

Hilary: I am ridiculously excited for the new Sherlock BBC season to start. We have been waiting way too long for it. The suspense is killing me! I just want to see John be less sad, possibly more angry, and possibly with a mustache. What are our thoughts on Martin Freeman with a mustache? We already know that Jude Law looks fabulous with a mustache (re: should never be without one). I doubt Lucy Lui could pull it off, though…

Julia:  I think Martin Freeman with a mustache would be just incredibly adorable, and sort of like a dad. For some reason I imagine it would make him look extra cuddly and ticklish. (Is Martin Freeman ticklish? These are things we should find out). That said, no, I don’t think Lucy Liu would look as ideal with a mustache, but I bet she could reasonably pull of a very skinny one. She’s slightly cross-eyed and yet still beautiful. I think that that girl would pull off almost anything.

Hilary: She is remarkably attractive. But then again, so is almost everyone in the entire Sherlock universe and I’m including all three of them. A lot of them are attractive in unexpected ways. Actually, let’s be honest, that’s mostly just Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have never witnessed another person who I find equally as good-looking who also bears an uncanny resemblance to a snail. And Voldemort. The other people who look like Voldemort are not nearly as good-looking. Leah Millers, blech.

Julia: Yes agreed! It’s the Cumberbatch effect. You start watching it and you’re all like, good lord this man is outrageously pale, I don’t see the appeal. But then the more he speaks (his voice is delicious), and the more clever and hilarious you experience him being, the more you fall in love. Johnny Lee Miller is a bit like this too. Have you ever noticed how he has a bit of an egg head? He has a very high hairline, it’s a bit unsettling. But his accent is impeccable and he’s very loveable in a damaged sort of way.

Hilary: Johnny Lee Miller also has a bit of an under-bite. His jaw/chin area protrudes quite a bit. He, much like Prince William in horrible candid photos, seems to lead with his chin. I would also say that Robert Downey Jr. is perhaps an acquired taste. He’s very short and I get the impression that he might also be slightly nutty, but he’s quite handsome. They all have quite nice accents, actually, despite the fact that Robert Downey Jr.’s is not real. The three of them all also share the incomparable ability to speak at incredibly fast paces. Surely those lengthy monologues (soliloquys?) are hard to remember. It’s a unique talent. Kind of useless outside of pretending to be Sherlock Holmes as well.

Julia: Sherlock, Richard III, classic villains that mutter to themselves … those are the only situations where talking that quickly and that softly is necessary.

Hilary: They do talk softly! It’s always the British too. Maybe it’s a British thing. North American actors never seem to talk that quietly. Just shouting all over the place. Shouty all day, e’er day! Even Robert Downey Jr., when pretending to be British, talks softly. What the heck? Does Lucy Lui talk that quietly? I’m not sure. These are obviously a reasons to watch Elementary; to discover if Lucy Lui talks quietly and to gauge whether or not she would look good with a mustache.

Julia: While we’re at it, we could determine whether Johnny Lee Miller also looks good with a mustache, just for kicks.

Hilary: This is what Martin Freeman looks like with a mustache:


He does very much look like a dad. But a cool one in a scarf and a nice cardi. Or perhaps the cardigan is also dad-like. The whole thing might be dad-like.

Julia: No. He looks adorable and like a dad/police constable. I love it. This is Johnny Lee Miller with a mustache:


Hilary: Dad-like in a different, more horrible way.


image004Hilary: That was extremely alarming to open in an email.

Julia: I know, right? I laughed out loud when I sent it to you. I wish I could’ve seen your reaction.



For those of you who haven’t yet seen the trailer, here’s 26 glorious seconds of Sherlock BBC Season Three:

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