“So…do you hate your roommates yet?”

Julia and I, as you will already know, have recently moved into an apartment with two of our friends, Dominique, more commonly known as Cricket (at least around our house), and Carolyn, or C-Biscuit (with a French accent). Our apartment is lovely, we have tonnes of space (so much so that it makes our furniture look tiny), and an extremely friendly cat that hangs about. Our neighbours across the street are very concerned about our parking situation and are always giving us helpful tips, like “don’t park on the street, the drunk students will rip your mirrors off”. Ah, friendly neighbourly advice.

People are very excited for us all in our new chapter of our lives. They’re always asking how we’re settling in and whether we would like some more plates, the answers to which are “fine” and “Lord no” respectively (we have a lot of dishes). The other most frequently asked questions are often “what did you do last night? Do you eat together? How’s everyone getting on?” The answers to these questions respectively as usually “nothing, sometimes, and good”.

I kind of think people want me to respond by saying something along the lines of “Horrible! They’re always in the bathroom and the kitchen is filthy. This is not at all what I expected and I want to move back home”. But that’s not the case. We’re a very normal, well-adjusted group of people who are also relatively tidy. We’re so cooperative that we nearly stole a cat together. I would also like to point out that Julia and I at least have had a lot of experience living successfully together.

In all honestly, for the first couple days (and kind of still to this day), we mostly just move about the house in a pack and talk. We’ll start in the kitchen, then move to the living room. Then we’ll move to the other living room and, more often than not, occasionally Julia’s bedroom (it’s so cute! Like real life Pinterest). So, in answer to the question about what we did last night, we hung about in various rooms together because life without internet is incredibly boring.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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