Pioneers Had It Rough

I am unbelievably pleased to have internet access once again. And, on top of that, to have my own phone back again. Just the most wonderful things in the world. As Julia said, it was like living as a pioneer and I was the most pioneer out of everyone. I mean, minus the wood-chopping and bonnets and stuff.

Let me explain the whole thing to you. I, about a month after entering this century and buying a smartphone, dropped it on my garage floor and the screen cracked. Well, I say cracked, but really it shattered. And then I continued to use it for about another two months, until I finally gave it up to have it fixed, at which I was given a loaner phone, which was nice, but I didn’t have anyone’s number. I couldn’t text anyone. I had to wait for them to text me so that I had their number.

But then my phone was gloriously fixed. Of course, I had to give the loaner phone back in order to get my phone back and it took about three days. I was completely phone-less for an entire day and then I borrowed my father’s phone. He does not have a text plan. And he has a flip phone. An extreme flip phone. I had to use my phone as a phone. It was horrible. You never quite realize how much fun YouTube is until you absolutely no access to it at all.

The worst part: I haven’t been able to watch Hollyoaks for three weeks, people. So much has happened and I have no idea what it all was. Sigh…

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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