A rant about Kinder eggs

You know what wasn’t necessary? Making gender-specific Kinder eggs.

I know it might seem trivial: it’s a tiny bit of chocolate covering a cheap plastic toy, and it costs under $2.00. But to me, it just sort of seems remarkably backwards, and honestly, a little troubling that this is happening in 2013. As if, after multiple years of little girls playing with puzzles and tiny panda bear toys, it’s suddenly not acceptable for those same girls to take interest in a spinning top or a dinosaur. Instead girls should be playing with bracelets and pink unicorns.

I was an extremely girly girl as a kid (I still am a bit tbh). I loved Barbie and My Little Pony. I rocked a sweet pair of hot pink stretchy pants and paired them with a purple sweater, and I wore ribbons in my hair to ballet class. I probably would have loved a little plastic bracelet or a hair clip. But I also would have loved a puzzle, or a top, or a yoyo, or a tiny fuzzy hippo.

Kinder had such a sweet thing going. They had this one great product: two kinds of chocolate fused together with a toy inside! And everybody could play with the toy; it didn’t matter for whom you were purchasing the glorious Kinder Egg, you knew whatever was inside would be appropriate. Gendering toys at this point just doesn’t make sense. It’s saying that boys can’t play with unicorns (which is crazy, everybody loves a unicorn), and girls shouldn’t play with puzzles.

I know that Kinder can make a lot more money by marketing two separate products, and I know that fairy princesses have a very special twinkly allure for a lot of young girls. Hilary and I used to pretend that we were fairies and that our cupboard under the stairs was a pomegranate in which we lived. (This was before Harry Potter, or else we probably would’ve pretended we were kid wizards.) But I also know that assuming little girls are only into pink and ponies does them a great disservice. While I loved my ballet tutu, I loved books, piano, and puzzles. I’d like to think that as a child, I would have still reached for the orange, un-gendered Kinder egg.  I know that I do now (seriously, the chocolate is delicious.)

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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