Let us never underestimate the power of tea (an Ode to Theanine)

The other day I was in Chapters (because when am I ever not), and I saw this mug, declaring that a cup of tea solves everything. At the time I thought that this was a gross exaggeration of the power of the tea leaf, but I think I’ve now changed my mind. Whenever it’s chilly or damp, whenever I’m shmoopy or sleepy, I reach for tea. It just makes me feel better.

In fact, tea apparently stimulates your “chi” and puts you back in balance. Until I read about that this morning, I hadn’t realized I had a chi, but now that I think about it, my chi feels pretty darn good today. Tea also contains theanine, which sounds like a character from a Shakespeare play, but is actually a chemical that helps us relax. My chi is really chill, so thank thee, dearest Theanine. It also contains a crazy amount of antioxidants which help prevent heart disease and some cancers, and single handedly explains how my Grandma Toth lived so long after smoking so very much. I’m going to live forever.

The fact is, nothing quite cheers you up and calms you down like a really, really big mug of tea. It makes me a little sad when people don’t like tea, and it makes me really, really happy that Hilary is slowly getting into tea. She says that it tastes less like “sewage water” the more she drinks it, and I think that that can only be a positive thing.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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