Questionable Footwear Choices: Denim Boots

Last night, I went to a thrift shop with my friend Heather to find some clothes she could wear for the Zombie walk that’s happening this weekend in Toronto. It’s pretty cool. Everybody gets all dressed up and made up and then roams the streets of Toronto in a creepy parade. People go all out and it’s awesome. (Sidenote: there’s something wrong with the “v” key on my laptop and I nearly wrote “eerybody” just then, which would’ve been an excellent moment of unintentional coolness).

In any case, we went to the thrift shop to see if we could find some warmish clothes that she could cover in fake blood. They had a lot of Halloween stuff out and more wigs than I can actually count. They’re really making the most of their seasonal market. The thing is, while a lot of it was obviously being geared toward the Halloween shoppers, a lot of other extremely questionable items were not. I saw a pair of denim boots. They were stiletto denim boots. They had pockets on the side. And belt loops at the top.

These boots, now being sold at a secondhand store, used to belong to someone firsthand. Someone wore those legitimately in regular life. Those existed as a footwear option in some store at some point in time. Those were a real item of clothing. And I can’t believe it.

I just can’t.

I mean, it’s not even just that they’re ridiculous, but they’re also not  very practical, are they? Denim is the last thing I want on my feet as a trudge through three feet of snow or leap over immense puddles. And I doubt they’d hold up very well against slush and salt stains, so when is the right time to wear these? Canada is not denim boot friendly.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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