November is a truly amazing month

November is a truly amazing month when you’re not in school. When you’re in school it’s all chilly overcast trudges to campus and midterms and stuffy chapped noses. When you’re done school it’s horribly rainy days spent warm inside with woollen socks on and beautiful golden leaves outside your window. The other best things about this November?

  1. Discounted Halloween candy! Every year I say that on November 1st I’m going to go out and buy all the discounted Halloween candy and for some reason I never have until this year. But now, it’s mini fuzzy peaches for as far as the eye can see!
  2. My surplus vacation days. I know that this point doesn’t apply to anybody but me, but look on in jealousy peasants! I rolled over a whole bunch of vacation time last year and now I’m taking a week off just for fun. Oh it will be lovely. I’m going to make soup. And ice cream.
  3.  Starbucks has essentially thrown up Christmas. November 1st and the entire store is decked out in red and green and all the pumpkin spice has been replaced with gingerbread and candy cane. People might say that it’s too early to be thinking of Christmas (which is just crazy talk) but I say it’s a huge improvement.
  4. It’s cold out. (I know I’ll regret saying this when it snows) but it’s a welcome change to finally have chilly, brisk fall air. It makes the walk to work so much nicer now that I’m not trudging the humid drizzle of early fall. And who doesn’t love mittens? They’re so cosy!

Happy November!

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