I’ll Believe It When I See It

While grocery shopping the other day, I saw numerous tabloid covers claiming that Jennifer Anniston is pregnant and that she and Justin Theroux are having twins, to which I say, LIES! Not until Jennifer Anniston is physically holding two newborn babies that she’s literally just given birth to will I believe this.

Because we’ve heard this all before, haven’t we? How many times has she supposedly been pregnant by how many men and during the course of how many various relationships? A lot, is the answer. And you know what? Oddly enough, she still doesn’t seem to have a child.

Part of me just really wants to know why. What is the obsession with Jennfier Anniston having babies? Do people just think she’s so beautiful, talented, and smart to such an extent that it would be doing the world a disservice if she didn’t pass along her glorious genes? Because really, that’s quite sweet. Sweet on a slightly weird, kind of creepy level, but still sweet nonetheless.

However, I also think Jennifer’s own opinions and wants shouldn’t go unchecked here. It would be her child after all and perhaps she doesn’t want one. If she does want one, more power to her. If she doesn’t want one, even more power to her. At least then she won’t have to change diapers. Also childbirth seems like it kind of sucks.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet


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