This week I’m on official “staycation” in an attempt to use up some of my vacation days. What a luxurious problem to have: too many vacation days. Delightful. So in any case, I’ve been off and essentially lounging. Today I did a bit of Christmas shopping, searched (unsuccessfully) for new boots, bought a few groceries and got a novel out of the library. Then I sat at home eating popcorn, watching QI. It’s been glorious. Tomorrow I’m going to meet Hilly for lunch and bake cookies. Thursday I might make some soup. Friday I get my hair cut. I wish I could be on staycation forever.

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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One thought on “Staycation

  1. Sounds AMAZING! Everybody deserves to have a staycation. I’ve never been one to have extra vacation days to just lounge at home. Whenever I had vacation days saved up, I’d hop on a plane to go somewhere new. Having time to just relax and enjoy yourself is so important. Good for you!!

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