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My Dog Thinks He’s a Mermaid

To finish off Dog Week, I will leave you with a few more anecdotes of my hilarious, but rather dim dog Sam. He’s wonderful in most ways and usually a gem (unless we have company over, in which case he’s ridiculously bonkers with pure unbridled excitement). But Sam also loves water. Continue reading

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Sorry, Neighbour, Just Trying to Call my Dog

People give their dogs strange names. I know this because, in my lifetime, I have had three dogs, all with very human names. The first was Spencer, the second was Rachel, and Sam was the third with probably the least person-esque name of them all. I discovered that the little black dog who I found darting about my backyard last week is named Logan. Why? That seems odd to me. Continue reading


Sam’s a Nervous Peer

Let me tell you about the day we got our other dog Sam. My mum had been bugging my dad about getting another dog for several weeks and finally broke him down. Sort of. He agreed to go to the Humane Society to look (“I’m only looking!), but if you are even remotely a dog-person, you will end up going home with a dog if you ever visit the Humane Society. And so we did. Continue reading

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We Lost Rachel…Inside Our Own Home

My dog Rachel is hilarious. Perhaps you remember her from Julia’s post about her fear of becoming just like dear old Rachel, or from her post about Rachel at the park. Rachel is adorable. She’s lovely and sweet and does nothing but sleep and lay around all day long. She loves my mother the most out of everyone (but I’m a very close second, or at least that’s what I tell myself). She purrs when you pet her and doesn’t drool nearly as much as our other dog Sam. Continue reading

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And so begins Dog Week…

It’s Dog Week. That’s like Shark Week, but with less water, teeth, and, you know, sharks. It’s all about dogs this week. I will share some hilarious dog-related stories with you and we will all laugh and laugh. Okay, you might not laugh, but I probably will, which is just another reason why I don’t need others to validate my self-worth or comedic value: because I can do it myself. Continue reading

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