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Sherlock Fandom, Rejoice!

The season three premiere date has finally been released, after what has felt like an eternity. I pity those who watched the seasons while they were actually on air and have consequently been waiting even longer for this glorious, glorious announcement.

Sherlock BBC will be returning to televisions near you on January 19th. Of course, this is probably the British release date, but still! In what still feels a little bit like an unreasonably long time from now, the third season will exist in the world. I suggest that people start preparing themselves now, especially if you have a tumblr account.

It’s about to get real, son!

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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Pilgrim Dayz

I’m fairly certain that we’re never going to have internet again. Yes, that’s correct, we went on a million year hiatus and we still don’t have wifi in our (gorgeous) apartment. Excuse me while I just go cry softly to myself. Continue reading

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Moving timez

Well moving day is nearly upon us (three days to go!) so I’ve been in major, major packing mode. The first day I started packing (Monday) I packed for nearly the whole day and felt like my apartment seemed significantly emptier. It turns out I had just filled ten boxes with books. Gracious I have a lot of books. But, now that the books are safely packed up, the only things left for me to pack are my dishes, food from the fridge, and shower/bathroom stuff. I am on a roll. Continue reading

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It’s a Royal Baby!

It’s official! Kate and Will have had their baby! It’s a boy, he’s 8 lbs 6 oz. (how is that possible? She was so small), and he was born at 4:24 this afternoon. So much excitement! No word on the name as of yet, but that’ll come in a few days apparently. I’m personally pulling for Richard myself, but that’s just me.

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Mind. Blown.

For all of you who have Googled “Jessica Love Hewitt mole” and somehow found our blog (there are for some reason so many of you!), you will probably be astounded to know that Jessica Love Hewitt is not only moleless (as far as Hilary and I have ever been able to tell) but also pregnant and engaged. But wait. That’s not even the most exciting part. While I think this might throw a wrench into the writers’ of the Client List plans (she’s kinda nakey in that show a lot right?) it doesn’t even come close to comparing to what I learned yesterday. Jessica Love Hewitt once dated Ben Flajnik. Continue reading

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Another Guest Blog!

Today, for a special Triple-Post Thursday treat, we bring you our lovely friend Nicole once again, who really just wanted to share her love of attractive, well-dressed, presumably kind-hearted people with you. And to that I say why the heck not? I love attractive, well-dressed, kind people as do the rest of you, I’m sure. So who wouldn’t love this special treat before the long weekend? Continue reading

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This song isn’t about Irish people. It’s about breath-taking sunsets at best.

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and this year, there will be an all new irritant added to the mix. Never mind drunk girls wearing tank tops with sayings like “Irish Whiskey Makes me Frisky” even though they’re not Irish nor do they know anybody who is, and nevermind all day pancake keggers resulting in youth stumbling about into traffic all day long. No that nonsense is nothing compared to this song, which you can bet is going to be bloody everywhere this weekend:

Continue reading

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Further proof sarcasm is genetic: introducing another guest blogger, our brother Cam

Bitterness and sarcasm are two things that our older brother Cam knows a lot about, by being on the receiving end of ours, but really, who are we kidding, MOSTLY being the sarcasm master. He is our Yoda. He’s known for cracking outrageous pirate jokes (almost every speech at his wedding started “so a pirate walks into a bar…” #tothskiwedding) and for being a general smart-ass. Continue reading

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My serious, life-changing, pants revelation

Remember how I claimed that I would never wear pants again, because I had found incredibly adorable hounds-tooth shorts, and they didn’t have to come in extra-long, because I could just wear tights. Tights are the tall girl’s solution to pants. Continue reading

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Yet Another Guest Blogger: Introducing Elise!

Remember our good friend Elise? Of course you do. She’s the one I’m always amazed people don’t know because I think she should be famous. And now she can be!

Elise has been off in South Korea for a month or so now, teaching English, and yoloing (her words, not ours, but undoubtedly very apt). Elise has written us a charming account of South Korea’s most excellent inventions and products, which I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy. Did you know scented toilet paper was a thing?

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