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The Voice Is Actually Interesting Tonight: A Post Brought to You by The Voice

The First Quarter finals. We’re down to the final four of each team, and it’s Blake versus Christina. Is it just me, or did the final four rather sneak up? Wasn’t it just last week there were a billion contestants? Continue reading

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I can’t wait for The Bachelorette to start: another post brought to by The Voice

Okay, so apparently there’s another episode of this show on Tuesdays…we will not be watching these. Regardless, Christina kept Ashley from her team and Blake kept Jordis, sending home four other people, whose names I cannot remember. You look it up. Continue reading

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The Voice: Boy, I Wish This Show Was More Interesting…

The Voice became the #1 show of the season DUN DUN DUN. Live shows are a whole different ball game it’s up to America now!

Adam cut all his hair off, Cee lo is wearing… a wig and fringe?? Continue reading

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The Voice: boy I wish this show was funnier

The Voice is pretty much the least hilarious show on tv, next to Criminal Minds which is just scary. I have to shampoo with one eye open from now on because I’m so afraid of home invasions. Anyways, It’s a challenge to make these posts funny, people. It’s not like The Bachelor; that stuff just writes itself. Continue reading

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So we’ve started watching The Voice…

In the most exciting round of The Voice yet. Well, we’ll have to take your word for it. Bring on “The Battle Round!” Is each week a Battle Round? We think so. But if you actually have watched The Voice before, please do let us know. Continue reading

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