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Let’s Talk About… The neighbors

The upside to our new apartment is that it’s palatial with gorgeous cream coloured crown molding and heated floors. The downside is the configuration of the house. It has been divided up into apartments, and ours is one of five. That means that Hilary shares a wall with the neighbours who live directly above me. And we hate them. Continue reading



Hello my chums! Continue reading

Super great things lately

I’ve developed a wee obsession with Brussels sprouts. Unusual, yes. I’ve taken to boiling them for two minutes, then slicing them in half lengthwise and sautéing them in a bit of butter with salt and pepper. They’re so outrageously delicious like this. It’s like vegetable candy and I’m in love. Continue reading

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Introducing my new car!


The new, yet to be named, car.

It’s finally here: my new (to me) car. The man at the dealership (who I had taken to calling “the dealer” before realizing how ridiculously bad that sounded) said he was disappointed that I wasn’t jumping up and down like the 18-year-old who just picked up her new (to her) Yaris earlier that day. Well, Frank, let me tell you, that while yes, I was terribly excited, I actually had to pay for my car, myself, unlike that 18-year-old, and spending a chunk of your savings on a depreciating investment somewhat takes the edge off. Continue reading

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“I was hoping I would see a glimmer in his eyes of ‘I want to be with you forever'” A post brought to you by The Bachelor

It’s finally here! The (THREE HOUR) finale of The Bachelor. I wasn’t aware that it was so long, but naturally there’s Chris Harrison commentary cut through the whole thing, only because he’s the best part of the show.

We kick off the show by Sean sitting down with his extremely blonde and good-looking family. Honestly, his niece and nephew look like they could be in a J. Crew ad. Continue reading

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What to do when your entire week feels like Thursday

We all have those weeks. Those weeks where every single day feels like Thursday and after lunch you breathe a sigh of relief, thinking, “thank lanta tomorrow is Friday…” only to realize with a horrible jolt that it’s Monday and tomorrow is only Tuesday. Continue reading

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Kids Are Hilarious

Last night at dance, I was teaching my prim 1 ballet class, which consists of six five and four year olds. The kids have pretend eggs when we’re at the barre so that they don’t stomp (because that would crush their eggs, etc. You get the idea). Anyway, one of the girls told me that she had a baby rainbow in her egg. And that it was squishy. The same girl once told me that unicorns aren’t quiet because sometimes they’re like “hey!”. Continue reading

What’s Wrong With Bowling (Apart from the Shoes)

I once made the mistake of watching televised bowling, and I mean that with all respect to professional bowlers. I think that bowling is a great sport (or perhaps it’s more of an activity). I mean, you can start whenever you want to. It’s basically never too late to become a professional bowler. Once you hit sixteen, it’s officially too late to become an Olympic swimmer or gymnast. That is a sad thing to realize on your seventeenth birthday. Continue reading

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Mustaches for as far as the eye can see! (This title is very misleading)

I am teaching a hip hop class for four-year-olds this year at dance. Here’s my problem: the music. A younger me would’ve had a bigger problem with the fact that the kids were so young and little (I find it very hard to relate to four-year-olds because they don’t generally understand sarcasm), but I now think that I can handle them. Now my problem is what kind of music I should be picking. Continue reading

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Rolling in the Deep

I love Adele just like a lot of people. Ever since I heard “Make you Feel my Love” from 19 I just fell in-completely-love. But I have to wonder, what the heck does “rolling in the deep” mean? Continue reading

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