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I’ve unearthed a secret Christmas plan

The only mail I ever get is from Visa, or at my work, where 4Imprint, a company that will put your company logo on pens, mugs and all kinds of swag, sends me extremely awesome samples. Though the last mug was a garish shade of lime green, I was still really stoked about it.

But then recently a small envelope came in the mail for me! The mail inside was not all that exciting compared to the envelop itself. I think I’ve unearthed a secret Christmas plan.

That tree circled a million times is obviously a Christmas tree and I’m rather sure this is a complex drawing of where to place it. I feel like the mailman is trying to send me a message! He’s either calling me fat (top right corner, also, rude.), or he wants me to move a present to C|F, whilst putting my Christmas tree on a set of stairs. Or perhaps a ladder.


But mostly, I’m not sure why somebody has decided to use my mail as their own personal Post-it note, but please know that you can buy those things at Staples for like $3. I suggest you do so, you mail doodler you.

~ Julia

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