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As The End of School Arrives…

I will be graduating this year after what feels like an extremely long time, especially when it comes to particular classes, such as A History of Literary Production, in which the books are far longer than my attention span and the professor seems to talk excessively. Honestly, I don’t know how she manages to make an eighty minute class feel like it’s literally lasted days, but she definitely has a knack for it. And what a useless skill. Continue reading

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I Have an Honours Degree in Hodge-Podge

With the end of the semester fast approaching and only one semester of university left, I am left contemplating the prospects of my degree. As I have previously mentioned, I’m sure numerous times, I am trained for very little. In all actuality, I seem to have spent the four years of my university program accumulating a mass of ridiculous and unrelated knowledge in varying subjects. Here are some of the more unique (re: useless) classes I have taken: Continue reading

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