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Little Wrecking Ball

This has made this song so much better. Clearly Miley Cyrus should just learn how to play the banjo. Amongst other reasons, it really adds something to her music. Continue reading

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My love for Rob Lowe and Parks and Rec increases

I know that I’ve already blogged about my new-found love for Parks and Rec, and how that love was greatly intensified when Rob Lowe joined the show. And then last night, still in an effort to get caught up/give in to my new and already raging addiction to Amy Poehler and her comedy, I saw this episode and now I just… I just love Rob Lowe and Parks and Rec so much more. Please watch this, I defy you not to crack a smile. Continue reading

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A step-by-step guide to starting your own enormously popular folk band

I welcome the Mumford & Sons craze because I think that it’s about time the world celebrated elbow patches, clever song writing, and good music. So you can hop on this bandwagon and cash in on their success, I’ve prepared step-by-step easy to follow instructions for starting your own folk band! Best of luck in your musical endeavors. Continue reading

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Entertainment Friday: Excited about Mumford & Sons

Those of you who like banjos, Carey Mulligan, and Englishmen, likely already know that there’s a new Mumford & Sons single available for your listening enjoyment. The new album Bable will drop Sept. 24. Exciting! Continue reading

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