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Thank the Lord, I’ve Finally Made It to the End

Today was my last day of classes. Ever. For the semester, for my undergrad, forever. In celebration, I bring you Boney M.

You’re welcome.

~ Hilary Lyon Axle Hatchet

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Other People Wreak Havoc on My Social Skills

It was like a symphony of sniffles in my lecture this afternoon. I dislike the sound of people sniffing immensely, though not as much as Julia and also not as much as I dislike the sound of whispering. There was a girl sitting in the row directly behind me who sniffled at least once every five minutes for the entire class. Continue reading

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Middlemarch: Far Too Long

So I’m still reading Middlemarch. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Middlemarch is yet another 900-page Victorian serial that I have to read for my History of Literary Production class. This is the same class for which I had to read Dickens’ Bleak House, the first 900-page novel. Continue reading

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Meeting New People: Seriously, Just Ask Them What Their Name Is

In first year, people are somewhat desperate to make friends. You can tell instantly the people that don’t actually care anything about you, but just want to make it seem like they aren’t lonely. As a result, several people introduce themselves to you in every class. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with meeting new people or making friends. I’m just saying that you meet a lot of people. Continue reading

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The Good News About Loud Breathers

Today in my History of Literary Production class, I ended up sitting next to the loud breather again. Honestly, it has reached the point that it’s not even annoying any longer, just ridiculous and funny. He breathes so loudly! I don’t understand how he sounds like he’s asleep all the time. He’s not even breathing through his mouth. It truly is remarkable. I’m actually kind of concerned for his respiratory health. Continue reading

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The Challenges of Breathing

The other day, I had the great misfortune of sitting in front of the loudest breather I have ever heard in my entire life. Actually, that’s a lie. One time, when I was studying at school, another student came to the study lounge I was at and proceeded to breathe so loudly that he alarmed the adult student across the room. It was as if he had only just been running a marathon, yet he was breathing entirely through his nose. I was so genuinely concerned for his respiratory health that I didn’t even find it that annoying, which is amazing (because I find so very many things annoying). Continue reading

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“Hilary Thinks Voice Over Guys Are Hilarious”

Every time I see a Pretty Little Liars promo on Much Music I laugh a little. Before I get hoards of angry comments from fans of the show, let me assure you that this has absolutely nothing to do with Pretty Little Liars. It looks intense and seems to be full of very pretty people, and really, what’s better than that? No, what gets me is the voice over guy. Have a listen. Continue reading

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I Am Even Irritated by Sneezing

I have absolutely given up on my New Year’s resolution by this point. I am so incredibly cynical and bitter that I bemoaned someone who sneezed in my art history class this afternoon. Continue reading

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“The karma wheel spun a little quick for you, didn’t it?”

Last week, I was talking to Cheryl (who works in the office at dance) about someone who had screwed someone over, then almost immediately had the same thing happen to them, to which Cheryl said, “The karma wheel spun a little quick for you, didn’t it? Better luck next time”. I have now adopted this line into my every day speech, similarly to how I now say “Look at your life, look at your choices” at least once per day. Continue reading

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How and Why Strangers Irritate Me: The Whisperers Are Back

I regret to inform you that the class whisperers have returned. Last week, a couple of girls sitting in front of me during one of my classes had a whispered conversation for the ENTIRE CLASS. That’s eighty minutes that I had to listen to these people. And of course I listened, because it’s almost too hard not to. I mean, at one point, we were watching a video clip and the one girl started talking louder so that she could be heard over the movie, which is both ridiculous and infuriating. Continue reading

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