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Uncomfortable Concerts

On Saturday, Julia and I went to St. Catharine’s with our friend Elizabeth to see Mother Mother. It was, as always, a fabulous concert, save for the fact that it was incredibly warm. Whenever I’m in a hot situation like that and I think it’s the hottest I’ve ever been in my life, I think back to Hillside (a music festival) 2011 because that was for sure actually the hottest I’ve ever been in my life. I never knew it was possible for my forearms to bead sweat like that, but it is. Or I like to think of the time I went to see the Blue Jays on the hottest day of life and sat so high up in the nosebleeds that we were actually closer to the people doing the Skywalk on the CN Tower than the ground. When we stood up after the game, everyone had sweat marks on the seat of the shorts, which is gnarly, but not as embarrassing because it happened to everyone. Continue reading

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Twin Forks + Lone Bellow + Ivan & Alyosha


Last night Hil and I went to see Ivan & Alyosha at the Drake in Toronto, and MAN, was it glorious! Everything about it was just so … civilized. We found easy (and cheap!) parking. There were couches and we could sit down before the show, greatly reducing the instances of cripple foot. And, excepting near the end where a girl who was likely a foot shorter than me stood incredibly close to me and inadvertently (I hope) brushed my bum with her arm every time she moved, nobody was crowding us, nobody stepped on us, nobody tried to stand directly in front of us. Even that short girl ended up moving further away where she could see better and not be behind the giants that Hilary and I are. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Movember

Remember how last week was supposed to be concert week? Well the day after I posted that I succumbed to the worst cold I’ve ever had in my entire life and spent the entirety of last week in a feverish haze, lying on my parents’ couch, wearing my dad’s maroon bathrobe. I’ve since managed to claw my way out of death’s grip to return to the land of the living, but the week is long over, so you’ll just have to content your self with the fact that I’ve been to a great many concerts, many of them were awesome, and perhaps some other time I’ll tell you about them. Continue reading

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Robots need love too

Mangan, with a couple of Robots that need love too. Check out the song below.

On Saturday Hil and I drove to London, On, to catch a Dan Mangan show. Even if you’ve never heard or Dan Mangan or think he’s not really your thing, I encourage you to check out one of his shows asap. For Canadians this should be super easy – he’s on a cross-Canada tour right now and he plays all these great small venues in all sorts of cities (and because they’re small venues, the shows are cheep. Really what have you got to lose?) We once saw him play in a big old stone church, which was actually probably one of my favourite concerts of all time. The acoustics were unreal – it was truly incredible. Continue reading

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