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Needlepoint, all day, er’day

Well recital is over and the dance season has officially drawn to a close. I too got a tiramisu from the parents (and yes, it was heavenly and delicious) but instead of bramble jam I got buckwheat honey (my favourite) because I already have a jar of bramble jam. Fact. I wasn’t sure what a bramble was either,  but lord, the jam is delicious. Continue reading

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Croquet anyone?

I like sunshine and cucumber sandwiches as much as the next girl, but I’m confused by ad campaigns that play upon these interests specifically. It doesn’t seem very practical – who actually plays croquet? Or wears hip waders and a rugby jersey? (Tommy Hilfiger, I’m asking you directly.) Or plays polo? Besides wealthy English people? And while I’m sure dukes and etc. have a blast playing the noble sport, it’s an extremely niche market, Ralph Lauren. There aren’t many dukes out there in Ontario to buy your polo tees. Continue reading

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