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Humidity hair (TPT continued)

Where I live it gets wicked humid in the summer. The forecast will say 32 and sunny, feels like 39 with the humidity. We’re not up to 39 yet – it’s only May – but we’ll get there come July. Like practically everyone, ever, my hair hates humidity. So, to prevent the inevitable frizz halo, I’ve been rocking the side braid. Five suggestions for beating humidity hair: Continue reading

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Rumer Willis is actually a babe, and other fascinating things Coachella taught me.

Yesterday I came across this gallery on UsMagazine.com: “Coachella 2013: What the stars wore!” It’s full of normal people trying to look all bohemian and bohemian people trying to look double-bohemian (Vanessa Hudgens is literally holding a six foot tall sunflower. That is a ridiculous accessory). But it did show me some incredibly ridiculous and/or noteworthy things that I think needed pointing out. Continue reading

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I Bring Pictures of Beautiful People in Love!

I’ve recently started watching Fringe on Netflix to bide the time before I graduate in 22 days. If you are into sci-fi and/or the paranormal and liked X-Files then I highly recommend it. Not to say anything against X-files, because nothing can possibly touch the Mulder/Scully dynamic, but Fringe has a much better and more consistent mythology in my opinion. BUT what I really want to talk about is the strange obsession its lead me to – that of searching all the information on the adorable couple of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. At first I was trying to figure out why Joshua Jackson looked ill all the time but then I just kept seeing them together and that was it. I have this weird thing about so-called “celebrities.” I have to know who they are married to/partners with or dating. Why? I cannot answer that. I probably shouldn’t be admitting this. But just look at how adorable Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger are!!

So well dressed and so in love! It kills me! According to Wikipedia they have homes in Vancouver and Paris. Adorable!

So well dressed and so in love! It kills me! According to Wikipedia they have homes in Vancouver and Paris. Adorable!

Continue reading

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What do Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger have in common?

If you looked at their movie choices (and, sorry Jessica, acting ability) then the answer would be very little. But on the red carpet and on the streets, they’re always flawlessly dressed. I don’t know if they both just have amazing stylists, or if they’re just pro-fashionistas, but they’re awesome. Continue reading

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