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The Wanted Life: The E! Network will give a show to anybody

This weekend I saw a preview this weekend for E! Network’s new show The Wanted Life wherein British boy-band The Wanted, having been effectively overshadowed by the younger and perhaps better looking One Direction, move to LA to see if they can make it in America, or at least how much trouble they can get into while trying. Continue reading

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Just Me And My Pal, Helen

I’ve finally got some photos to put up on my cubicle walls at work. It’s about time I decorated considering that it’s been a few weeks and I’ve been staring at grey cubicle walls and memos that I don’t fully understand. Continue reading

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The Sitcom Threshold Phenomenon

I’ve discovered, and I’m sure you have too, that there exists, what I’ve coined, a Sitcom Threshold Phenomenon – there is a precise amount of TV shows that you can keep up with on a weekly basis. This number varies, greatly, depending on the viewer’s situation. I can keep up with a rather lot because I don’t have children, I barely clean my apartment, and I tend to put off doing groceries of any kind for a very long time. In short, I’m young. But even I’ve got stuff going on – I do have friends you know, as well as a gym pass and a dance studio to go to – so, I’ve found I can keep up with six shows – though two only run in the summer: New Girl, Mindy Project, Community, Men at Work, Melissa and Joey (don’t judge) and the Mentalist (not a sitcom, but still great TV). Continue reading

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What do Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger have in common?

If you looked at their movie choices (and, sorry Jessica, acting ability) then the answer would be very little. But on the red carpet and on the streets, they’re always flawlessly dressed. I don’t know if they both just have amazing stylists, or if they’re just pro-fashionistas, but they’re awesome. Continue reading

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The origins of the duck face revealed

It’s time, again, to solve yet another prevalent, yet utterly trivial mystery. Just like I cracked the code on why Benedict Cumberbatch is so unusual looking (yet he grows more and more handsome with each and every episode of Sherlock) I have solved the mystery behind the origin of the duck face. Continue reading

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Award season is upon us

Awards season is upon us! Join us on Sunday as we live tweet and blog about the Golden Globes. There might be bow-ties; it’ll be great. And while I love the Golden Globes because the fashion is always lovely (or at least entertaining) and the actors get drunk, the big award show is obviously the Academy Awards. The Oscars will be held on February 24, so mark your calendars so you don’t miss even more live tweeting and blogging. We do it right, with honorary awards for things like the Best Mustache. The Oscar noms came out today, who do you think will clean up? Continue reading

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Entertainment Friday: Excited about Mumford & Sons

Those of you who like banjos, Carey Mulligan, and Englishmen, likely already know that there’s a new Mumford & Sons single available for your listening enjoyment. The new album Bable will drop Sept. 24. Exciting! Continue reading

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Celebrities We Could Be Friends With: The Emmas

We have already said that we could be friends with Mindy Kaling, mainly because she’s awesome. But we also think we could be friends with a whole bunch of famous people named Emma, specifically Thompson, Watson, and Stone. Why, you ask. Well, because they’re awesome. Continue reading

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