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Beware: Complete Horror Within

The other day, I made the horrendous mistake of Googling camel spiders. Do it now, I dare you. [Here’s the wikipedia page to make it easier for you]. Continue reading

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Die demon arachnid, die!

There’s a gigantic spider in my bathroom that lives in the tiny space between the sink counter and the wall and I’m completely terrified of him. He’s so large! Great black body with long legs and he scurries about incredibly quickly. I’m feeling a bit ill just typing this. Usually he just pops out of the crack in which he lives and then darts back in a flash – afraid of me as I am of him. I gasp and freeze, paralyzed with fright until I muster up the courage to move again, long after he’s disappeared from sight. The thing is, I had been letting him stay because his visits were so very infrequent and quick, and he ate all the other smaller spiders that had moved into my bathroom. It was kind of working for me. That is until this morning. Continue reading

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Increased contact does not equal decreased fear

This is a fact I learned the hard way after having been deluded by Fear Factor and the Maury Show alike. I know. With such reputable shows, how could I have possibly been misled? But I was. And I’m mad about it. Continue reading

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