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I Think Literally EVERYONE Saw This Coming

As I’m sure you’re well aware by this point, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have broken up. According to this article, Harry “gave her the elbow”. What? Is that a saying? I’m not sure it is. “Giving someone the elbow” suggests, at least to me, that you have literally and physically elbowed someone. Maybe Harry did actually elbow Taylor. We’ll probably never know [at this point, I should mention again that I do not know that Harry Styles ever actually elbowed Taylor Swift. This is how rumours get started. By people who pray at the altar of the literal]. Continue reading

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Never Has a Song Title Been So Apt

I saw the music video for Victoria Duffield’s song “They Don’t Know About Us” on television this morning and was left somewhat confused.

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Anitique + Vintage = Vintique

I’ve discovered another really awesome photo editing app, that nearly rivals my love of Instagram. Vintique costs $0.99 and is a rather good replacement for Picnik, a former photo editing website where you could apply filters and add text to your photos for a scrapbook-like quality. It’s since closed, and has become part of The Google+ team as “Creative Kit” but is it just me or is Google+ like REALLY confusing? It’s probably just me. Continue reading

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“What’s the deal with scooters?”

I just really feel the need to point out that someone found our blog by typing the words “what’s the deal with scooters?” into Google. On the other hand, I feel that this might be at least marginally better than “iron lung my life”, because I’m not even really sure what that’s supposed to mean. Continue reading

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Beware: Complete Horror Within

The other day, I made the horrendous mistake of Googling camel spiders. Do it now, I dare you. [Here’s the wikipedia page to make it easier for you]. Continue reading

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In Defence of YOLO

As many of you are, I’m sure, aware, a new craze has swept today’s youth: YOLO (for the uninitiated, “You Only Live Once”). From its humble beginnings as an acronym for a mantra of dubious relevance, YOLO has exploded onto the scene as perhaps the most versatile word since “Google.” Consider, for example, the many parts of speech that this mercurial word can assume:

-Interjection: “Are you really going to climb that mountain, bro?” “Damn right! YOLO!”
-Noun: “Why’d you break up with Dylan?” “I don’t know… he just didn’t have enough YOLO in him, you know?”
-Adjective: “Bro, did you just break that bottle over your head? That is so YOLO!”
-Verb: “Do you want to just stay in tonight?” “No, we need to YOLO the hell out of this situation right now.” Continue reading

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The Full Name of Ricky from One Direction

It’s that time again. The time when I share all of the hilariously wonderful things people have typed into Google, which accidentally led them to us. In case you were wondering, One Direction is no longer the prime focus of these searches. They have, in fact, been replaced by Emma Stone. You decide if that’s better or worse. Continue reading

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“Thou art spacious in the possession of dirt”

It’s that time again. The time when I sit down and share all of the uber hilarious things you, our dear readers, type into the Google search bar. The things that lead you to us by accident. All I can say is thank the good Lord I only wrote positive things about One Direction, or I have a feeling those crazed One Directioners, as they call themselves, would’ve hunted me down and smothered me in my sleep. That, or stoned me. Which reminds me, One Directions rules! Ahem… Continue reading

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Oh sure we think we’re funny, but you guys are hilarious!

Our WordPress template tracks our web trends for us, and Hilary and I find this to be an extremely amusing way to pass the time. First let me say What’s up Australia! Glad to see you again. And Kenyans, I know we only had two readers from your lovely country, but whoever you two are, tell a friend! Continue reading

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