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“A is for Albus, stunning beard owner”

In case you couldn’t tell from yesterday’s post, I’ve recently been perusing Buzzfeed. What a glorious place that is. Just chock full of the most outrageous things any one person could ever hope for. Today, I discovered the Harry Potter Alphabet. This is by far my favourite one, but the rest are also pretty hilarious. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About How Boring Harry Potter Would’ve Been with the Two of Us

Last night, Julia and I watched the sixth Harry Potter movie. For those of you who live under a rock and don’t know, that’s  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I don’t know why I chose that one specifically, but I did. So deal with it. In any case, Julia made the comment that, if she was in the place of Harry, nothing would ever have happened because the majority of the things that he does is not something she would ever consider doing. And I agree. Continue reading

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I dropped the ball, so here, look at Matthew Lewis being generally gorgeous.

I really dropped the ball on Triple Post Thursday yesterday. Actually I dropped the ball on just posting at all yesterday. It was an awkward stressful sort of day where I just felt anxious and nauseous all day long and that’s not really all that interesting, nor is it prime material for a blog post. So when I got home from celebrating Hil’s graduation at 10:00 last night (YAY CONGRATS HILLY!), I created this post. It’s what I was in the mood for, and I don’t think you all will mind it much either 😉 I give you photos of Matthew Lewis. Continue reading

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Needlepoint, all day, er’day

Well recital is over and the dance season has officially drawn to a close. I too got a tiramisu from the parents (and yes, it was heavenly and delicious) but instead of bramble jam I got buckwheat honey (my favourite) because I already have a jar of bramble jam. Fact. I wasn’t sure what a bramble was either,  but lord, the jam is delicious. Continue reading

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A little bit of DIY: Creating a gallery wall

I’ve kind of fallen in love with the idea of a gallery wall. The problem is I rent a basement apartment, so my ceilings are incredibly low (not giving me a whole lot of wall space to work with) and I don’t want to put all kinds of holes in the wall. Framed black and white photos look so stunning; unfortunately it’s just not doable in my current space. But then I saw this photo on abeautifulmess.com  where they kind of riff on the idea of a gallery wall with some framed photos and some homemade, eclectic pieces. Continue reading

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Memes Galore

My friend Jenna has recently begun sending me various memes and photos that she finds on pinterest via facebook and it seriously makes my day. As such, I will now share some of them with you.

Snape Meme Continue reading

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Star Trek and Voldemort

Have you seen the trailer for the newest Star Trek movie Into Darkness yet? If not, please watch it right now.

Continue reading

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The magic of art and Harry Potter

I’m about half way through The Casual Vacancy right now. Rowling is a truly great writer, I will say that, but I’m finding there’s a bit of a Mansfield Park situation going on wherein I dislike pretty much all of the characters. They’re all such terrible people! It’s making me long for the magic of Harry Potter, so I thought I’d share these. I call it “Harr-apy” (things just got REAL nerdy REAL fast.) Continue reading

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The Casual Vacancy: an update

Well. I’m approximately 50 pages in and let me tell you. So far it’s not that good. And honestly it’s not the absence of Hogwarts that I’m finding disappointing but the lack of Hogwarts-esque characters. In the Potter series Rowling crafted really engaging, likable, and relatable characters. Even though you hated the Malfoys, you could still relate to them. And even though Voldemort was awful he was still interesting. Continue reading

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What we’re in love with this fall

Spring is often touted as the season of renewal, and yes, I guess the lawn thaws out, Starbucks cafes will bravely pop out a few patio chairs, and bunnies and flowers spring up everywhere, but to subscribe to this philosophy is to SERIOUSLY undervalue fall. Because, really, all the best, new things crop up in fall. Continue reading

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