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What I’m reading right now: The Gunseller by Hugh Laurie

Yes, that’s right, the beloved House actor is not only English, but also an aspiring author and jazz singer. I’ve heard rather conflicting accounts of Laurie’s music (I don’t mind it, being a fan of both piano and Dick Van Dyke who Laurie sounds eerily alike), but make no mistake: The Gunseller is good, and there are no two ways about it. Continue reading

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The British Are Better

I have said many times that British things are better. Better than what, you ask? Everything. Just better. This is of course not actually true. Their teeth are much, much worse. Worse than what, you ask? Worse than everything. In any case, I will now give you video evidence of British people being better. Better than what, you ask? I’ve already answered that. Stop asking. Continue reading

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