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In defense of One Direction (or at the very least, ID’s PR team)

On the weekend, a couple of us went to go see the One Direction movie. Cinematic genius it was not, so yes, you may feel free to judge me all you want. That’s cool. I get it. Continue reading

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It’s a slow news day for us all

Well, it must have been a slow news day, because I have learned the most useless things morning. I pity the reporters who had to draft these stories, and because they’re so silly and unnecessary, I thought I’d share them with you. (The stories, not the reporters, that is.) Continue reading

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Goats are just the best

I had absolutely no idea what to blog about today, until my friend Becky shared this video on Facebook. Becky is the best. This video is the best. Goats are the best.

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Boiled Cabbage, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Voice of God

Last night at dance, my friend Mike so very kindly told me that there is a video somewhere out there on the internet of a camel spider eating a whole lizard. This is not something I ever want to see. EVER. And I mean it, so don’t go posting this video on my facebook wall or hiding behind corners with your laptop at the ready to surprise/terrify me. Continue reading

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Justin Bieber Trampled By a Herd of Wild Chinchillas

I bought an OK magazine the other day that had a headline perhaps just as misleading as the one above (so, to answer your question thirteen-year-old girl, no, Justin Bieber was not actually trampled by chinchillas). The title of People’s April issue was “My First Days as a New Mom”, which was accompanied by a giant photo of Jessica Simpson. Below, there was another, albeit smaller picture, of Jessica Simpson with a baby. This is very misleading, no? They have clearly made it seem like she has had her baby and is now sharing what her first days have been like. Blinding, if the photo at the bottom is to be believed. The baby looks exactly like Mr. Potato-Head. Only less lively.

"They can't wait for another baby"? They haven't even had the first one!

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Sassy people of the world, I salute you!

I’ve discovered that I ironically really respect sass. By nature sass is supposed to be disrespectful (hence the irony here) but I think there is a fine, and awesome line between a sassy sarcastic flair, and “don’t you sass me young lady!” My beginner pointe class has found that line and I love them. Continue reading

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