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Write, Write, and Repeat

I really wanted to write a post today about how Must Love Dogs was on television yesterday afternoon and I watched it because I honestly watch that movie every single time it’s on television. But then I thought I remembered already writing a post about this. I’m not entirely sure, and I suppose there’s a way to check, but, honestly, I can’t  be bothered. Continue reading

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Bleak House: Too Long to Read at a Desk

Remember last semester when I was complaining about having to read Little Women and how lengthy it is? I take it all back. I’ve officially encountered something much, much worse. Continue reading

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My Plans for the Future Are Not Realistic

I have already mentioned earlier today that I essentially have no life goals. This is obviously untrue, as if it was, I would be like Beth from Little Women, who loses the will to live because she has no definitive plans for the future like her sisters and succumbs to the scarlet fever she had five years previously. Did a lot of scientific research for that, did you, Louisa May Alcott? I think not. Continue reading

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Too. Much. My Brain Hurts.

Today, during the time when I would normally make an update on the blog, I read Little Women. Now, I don’t mean that I read the entire book, because I started it yesterday. That having been said, I did read approximately 200 words of the 264 page novel, so I might as well have read the whole thing. In three hours. Continue reading

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