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Ever since watching the musical number-infused 2013 Oscars, I’ve been listening to a lot of show tunes and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Continue reading

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The internet is a scary, hilarious place

It’s that time again: time to share with all of you the absolutely hilarious search terms that brings readers to Sarcasm Soapbox. Seriously guys, you’re all incredibly funny. Keep up the good work! Continue reading

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I Like the Sound of Your Voice, But Please Shut Up: A Post Brought to You by The Bachelorette

We start off this week’s episode with a nice conversation between Emily and her mother, Estelle from Friends. Seriously, she should quit smoking. Back at the house, meanwhile, Chris Harrison congratulates the men because there are only sixteen left. Only? That’s a lot of people! In any case, Chris, a.k.a. Spaggy-Eye, gets the first one-on-one date. It is, of course, a challenge taken from Fear Factor. “Climbing a building is a lot like love”. No. It isn’t. God, I hate him already. Continue reading

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Her OSAP Debt Must be Outrageous

I just saw a commercial for two new Barbie toys. These special ones were Barbie the teacher and Barbie the pancake chef. First of all, pancake chef? Who specializes specifically in pancakes? Those comes from boxes. But what really baffles me, and I’m sure millions of other people around the world, is how many jobs this one woman has had. She must not be very good at any of them, because she obviously keeps getting fired. Continue reading

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