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How is this useful?

I’m only a little bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve been listening to the Backstreet Boys’ greatest hits album basically non-stop for the past two days. First it was Aladdin, now it’s Backstreet Boys. So much 90s! Continue reading

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The New Sheryl Crow

I’ve stopped hearing that one Sheryl Crow song multiple times a day, which is fabulous, but now I hear a different song multiple times a day.

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The Return To The She Wolf

I talked about this briefly yesterday, but the more I thought about it, the less I was able to just leave it at that. There are so many things that are hilarious about this video. And song.

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There Are Only So Many Times I Can Tell a Person to Shut Up

Oh God.

This has got to be the stupidest song T. Swizzle has come out with thus far, and I think that’s saying a lot. Continue reading

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This Song Could Literally Be About Anything

If you were alive during any point in the ’90s, you will remember the (one) smash hit of the original brother pop trio, Hanson. Here’s the thing about Hanson: they were an extreme product of their era. Basically, they were just three dudes rocking the (unfortunately) long hair style of the early ’90s. Here’s the other thing about Hanson and their one hit song: it is completely incoherent. I have no idea what they’re saying at any given point during the song, except the times that they say “mmmmbop” and that’s not even a word. That’s a sound. Continue reading

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Rolling in the Deep

I love Adele just like a lot of people. Ever since I heard “Make you Feel my Love” from 19 I just fell in-completely-love. But I have to wonder, what the heck does “rolling in the deep” mean? Continue reading

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What They Really Mean: Kesha – Tik Tok

Are you totally confused when you listen to the radio? Maybe you don’t know what exactly it is that Kesha is trying to tell you. No one really does, but I’m going to try to help you out a bit. So here goes nothing. Continue reading

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Songs I Have Some Serious Qualms With

There are a lot of songs on the radio right now that confuse and startle me greatly. A brief tidbit of the list goes as follows: Continue reading

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