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“It’s like a rainbow. Of UGLY.”

A friend introduced me to Ze Frank’s webshow True Facts, wherein he posts educational and hilarious videos, narrated as Morgan Freeman. I have watched these clips so many times, partially because they’re hilarious, but mostly because then I pretend that Morgan Freeman is narrating my life (I’ve yet to perfect his voice) and doing “True Facts about Julia from that Website Sarcasm Soapbox”. But because that webisode is yet to be made … here are my two favourites for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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Boiled Cabbage, Vanessa Hudgens, and the Voice of God

Last night at dance, my friend Mike so very kindly told me that there is a video somewhere out there on the internet of a camel spider eating a whole lizard. This is not something I ever want to see. EVER. And I mean it, so don’t go posting this video on my facebook wall or hiding behind corners with your laptop at the ready to surprise/terrify me. Continue reading

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