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Folk band style (is the best)

If the interweb, album covers, and music magazines are to be believed, folk bands just have the best style. They no doubt thrift most of their most excellent finds, and they all seem to be able to pull together a whimsical, on-trend, interesting outfit with a certain nonchalance and ease. You know how Hilary wanted a photographer to follow her around so she could get awesome hipster profile pictures? I want somebody to stage a myriad of folksy photo shoots with me. I mean really, look at these bands. Sit them down in front of something vintage or rustic, and voila: fashion worth emulating. Folk bands might be the single most influential reason I bought those hounds tooth shorts. Somebody! Find me a country farm house with vintage wall-paper and fetch my mandolin! It’s time for my close-up. Continue reading

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A step-by-step guide to starting your own enormously popular folk band

I welcome the Mumford & Sons craze because I think that it’s about time the world celebrated elbow patches, clever song writing, and good music. So you can hop on this bandwagon and cash in on their success, I’ve prepared step-by-step easy to follow instructions for starting your own folk band! Best of luck in your musical endeavors. Continue reading

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What we’re in love with this fall

Spring is often touted as the season of renewal, and yes, I guess the lawn thaws out, Starbucks cafes will bravely pop out a few patio chairs, and bunnies and flowers spring up everywhere, but to subscribe to this philosophy is to SERIOUSLY undervalue fall. Because, really, all the best, new things crop up in fall. Continue reading

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Just a wee bit of news, followed by a wee bit of apologizing, on my part.

Friends. You might have noticed that the reading this past week had been a bit lighter than usual. Some may have rejoiced,  but I hope that’s not the case for most of you. My wifi had completely abandoned me this week and without it, it was pretty near impossible to post to the blog. Lest I changed the format of the blog to one where I typed out letters on scrolls of parchment using a typewriter and then tied them to the legs of handy squirrels and sent said letters off to all of you (which would have been frightfully challenging for all of our UK and Aus readers), you would not be able to read the delightful musings of my mind. Continue reading

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Entertainment Friday: Excited about Mumford & Sons

Those of you who like banjos, Carey Mulligan, and Englishmen, likely already know that there’s a new Mumford & Sons single available for your listening enjoyment. The new album Bable will drop Sept. 24. Exciting! Continue reading

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This is the Worst Categorization System Ever

I have recently discovered this artist and I love him. So, I went to buy his newest album at HMV the other day.

Continue reading

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