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Bramble Jam

Yesterday my parents bought me a little present. It may have been for the dance recital, but I’m not sure. It is incredibly inventive to buy someone tiramisu and jam instead of flowers, I’ll say that much. In any case, the tiramisu was delicious and so is the jam. What kind of jam is it, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s bramble jam. Yes, that’s right, bramble jam. Continue reading

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Car shopping Mum vs Dad

I’ve started shopping around for a used car because tbh the bus is not entirely that convenient. In some ways transit it awesome, and I love my bus driver (he’s just the nicest man) but in other ways … well, I’m getting tired of listening to this woman’s cranky two-year old (every time!), taking groceries on the bus is less than ideal, and I’d like the convenience of being to go wherever, whenever, without transferring three times. Continue reading

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The secret delights of packing

I’m slowing tearing through my room at home because I’ve got an apartment that I’ll be moving out into shortly. It’s time my friends. In any case, as my mother can attest, I’m not an advocate for cleaning anything ever. Why clean something today when you can wait until your dust becomes 3-dimensional? However, this experience is bringing me true joy. You don’t realize just how much stuff you accumulate over time until you have to go through it all. I’ll share with you the highlights in case you don’t likewise feel like going on a veritable archaeological dig in your own bedroom. I don’t blame you, it’s exhausting. Continue reading

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Just Because I’m Unwilling to Hurl Myself Off a Cliff, It Does Not Mean I Love You Any Less: A Post Brought to You by The Bachelor

This week, Ben visits the four remaining women in their hometowns. We start off with LindZI. She once again brings up how broken-hearted she was after that guy dumped her by text. And once again, as our friend Elizabeth pointed out, she’s on a horse. But apparently Ben thinks she looks better on a horse. That’s strange, right? Also, according to LindZI, she rode a horse before she walked, which seems very unsafe. The best line comes when LindZI says, “I was taught that when you fall of horses, you get back on and love is the same way”. Do the producers tell them to say these sappy things? Or do you think everyone on The Bachelor just talks in cliche colloquialisms? Continue reading

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That chair’s a fire hazard

My mother has a knack for arranging furniture. Maybe you don’t think this is anything particularly special, but you’re wrong. My mother can look at a room and everything in it, and then move all of it to a different position and have it not only fit precisely, but look equally as good as it did before. And she likes to exercise this talent on a regular basis. At least once a month, I’ll come home from school and find the vacuum cleaner running and abandoned in the hallway, while my mother drags massive bookshelves around in the den. Now you’re probably thinking, “wow, your mom moves all that furniture by herself? She must have the upper body strength of the incredible Hulk”. If you’re not thinking that, you should be because it’ll really help move this story along. In any case, the answer is, yes she’s moves it all by herself. She’s built up quite the triceps from moving furniture all her life. Also from dragging around kindergarten kids. She’s a talented woman, my mother. Continue reading

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The Blue Car Blues

My father loves a bargain, especially when it comes to cars. Every car that we have ever owned, that has also, incidentally, been awful, has been a terrible shade of blue. It started with a blue Ford station wagon in the ’90s that had fake wood pannelling on the outside. Of course, back then, I was a mere child and didn’t realize that fake wood pannelling outside of the ’70s was not a good thing. We (my siblings and I) thought it was so cool! We would take the car to Sauble Beach and we’d get to sit in the trunk (not the whole way to Sauble Beach, don’t worry). How cool is that? As it turns out, not actually that cool. In fact, it’s a little unsafe. Continue reading

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Reasons why my children will judge me

I’ve given this a lot of thought and I’ve come to the conclusion that my children will probably judge me for things in my past. I know this because I often find myself laughing at my mother’s ever-growing hair in the ’80s. Seriously, if it had gotten any larger, it would’ve eclipsed the sun. Continue reading

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