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Soup recipes!

For those of you who want to make amazing soup (as previously posted) you can get the recipes here! (Cathy, this post is for you! 😀 )

Mmmmmmm soup

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Soup hoarding

To me Martha Stewart will always be that kinda crazy housewife-esque woman who had to go to prison – oh Martha – but I admit the recipe section of her website is ballin. I became absolutely obsessed with the idea of making soup, for reasons completely unknown to anybody, especially me. I found two really lovely recipes on MarthaStewart.com for a butternut squash bisque and a carrot curry soup. SO DELICIOUS. Continue reading

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From ridiculous to delicious

When I moved into my new apartment my parents just sort of moved a whole lot of random food into my place while they were helping me move in furniture, in order to help make groceries less expensive. Thanks guys! A lot of the stuff my dad left for me is great: homemade soup, beer, oven pizza, but then my dad left me this random can of mixed beans. Which is odd. When will I ever really use those? It just seems like such an impractical purchase because the only recipes I could think of to use up this ridiculous bean medley are bean salad (and how much bean salad can one really eat? It doesn’t freeze, it’ll just go bad!) and chili – and my dad had already left me his awesome homemade chili in my freezer. Continue reading

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