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“It’s like a rainbow. Of UGLY.”

A friend introduced me to Ze Frank’s webshow True Facts, wherein he posts educational and hilarious videos, narrated as Morgan Freeman. I have watched these clips so many times, partially because they’re hilarious, but mostly because then I pretend that Morgan Freeman is narrating my life (I’ve yet to perfect his voice) and doing “True Facts about Julia from that Website Sarcasm Soapbox”. But because that webisode is yet to be made … here are my two favourites for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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The extraordinary and perhaps bewildering power of Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has a power Oprah only wishes she had. Oprah who has turned herself into a brand in order to win the favour of Americans has less power than Ellen “Dori” The CoverGirl DeGeneres. Truth.

And here is my proof: Ellen can make you like almost anyone, whereas Oprah makes you mostly just dislike her. (Seriously, Oprah! You’re not a medical expert! Perhaps I’m unclear on the premise of a talk show, but it’s not really your opinion that matters, am I right, Oprah, the host?) Continue reading

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