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Loving Bloglovin

Guys. I’ve discovered this really cool thing called Bloglovin. I know that 90% of your faces probably have expressions of incredulity on them as you think “what are you, new?” to which I reply:   ….  (*sounds of crickets chirping*) Continue reading

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A Blog About Blogging

This is my first ever blog post.

The concept of blogging is fascinating to me for a couple of reasons. First, it assumes either a) you have something important to say or b) someone is willing to listen (or read anyways) what you have to say. If neither of these things are true then you’re just another yahoo spouting off. I suspect (unfortunately) this will be the one of the yahoo cases. Second, there is a certain amount of self-confidence/ vanity that is required to be a blogger. Again, if you have nothing important to say or anyone willing to listen, you’re really putting yourself out there. You’re really putting yourself out there even if you do! Continue reading

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Twitter: I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong

Hilary and I are by no means expert tweeters, though we do try to be hilarious, so you should still follow us (@SarcasmSoapbox). That said, I feel as though we’ve got a relatively good grip on what one should and should not tweet about compared to some. And while I’m fairly certain that the entire purpose of Twitter is simply to help you waste time, there appear to be some people who have somehow got Twitter horribly, horribly all wrong. Continue reading

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I’m going to take this opportunity to lecture you about sunscreen

I get it, looking tanned is way more attractive than looking pasty. This is a fact I cannot deny, especially as an extremely white person. I’m very pale it has to be said, and in the winter, I get even paler, my skin actually becoming the colour of milk and progressively more and more transparent so that you can see great blue veins everywhere. I personally think that this is me, progressing deeper into my potential future superpower, becoming so pale as to be invisible. I’ll say hi to Iron Man for you all when I finally make it. Continue reading

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More free music! Featuring: Ruby Coast

I discovered Ruby Coast when I joined Twitter. The best thing about social media, I think, is the suggestions it gives you. Like Ping and iTunes Genius suggesting songs and bands that are similar to the ones in your fave playlist, Facebook and Twitter do the same. While Facebook can occasionally miss the mark (STD testing and People’s Jewelers appearing side by side? REALLY?) it did lead me to The Arkells. And when I started following The Arkells and Tokyo Police Club on Twitter, it suggested I follow Ruby Coast. Check out their Bandcamp here, and download Whatever This Is for free! FREE! If you like upbeat, poppy alt-indie rock you will love Ruby Coast.  We especially love “Creep me Out.” It’s a foot-stomping, whistling, clap yo’ hands good time. Continue reading

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