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These are actually the best t-shirts ever

Never in the whole entire world have better shirts existed. Litographs prints the entirety of beautiful books onto shirts, posters and tote bags, while donating one new, high quality book to communities in need with every purchase. The shirts are so cool, I’m not even sure which one(s) I want. GIVE ME ALL THE SHIRTS!

Originally, I thought the Sherlock shirt was my favourite

Originally, I thought the Sherlock shirt was my favourite

But how awesome is the Edgar Allen Poe shirt?

But how awesome is the Edgar Allen Poe shirt?

And the Moby Dick shirt is just beautiful.

And the Moby Dick shirt is just beautiful.

But so is the Leaves of Grass shirt. Almost as beautiful as Whitman's writing itself

But so is the Leaves of Grass shirt. Almost as beautiful as Whitman’s writing itself

But I think my favourite would have to be Hamlet. Spooky!

But I think my favourite would have to be Hamlet. Spooky!

Check out Litograph’s website for even more shirts, and how to order: http://www.litographs.com/

~ Julia Maurice Sabre-Ocean

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Demon flats of death

I tend to avoid high heels because my thought is, if I wanted to be six feet tall and in crippling foot pain, I would have continued ballet. But at work, the floor I’m on is ultra fancy, what with all the VPs walking in around in suits and ties. Last summer, one floor up, I wore cute strappy leather sandals the entire summer. This summer, they feel almost as casual as if I were wearing flip flops at work. And I’m not that girl. Never be that girl. SO. I bought two pairs of adorable flats, both a little pink, both with a bit of gold, both perfect for summer office wear. Continue reading

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“So it was really sort of a terrible room. Or an amazing cupboard”

I’ve just begun reading David Mitchell’s memoir Back Story, which Julia thinks is a terrible name for a memoir, whether intended as a play-on-words or not. Those are her words, not mine. Regardless of what the title may or may not lack, depending on varied perspectives, it’s already hilarious. And I’m only fourteen pages in. Continue reading

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Wish list

Spring is finally here! Only, in crazy Ontario fashion, we seemed to have skipped past spring and right into summer weather. I’m not complaining one bit, but it means that spring shopping kind of just never happened. Because of that, these are the things I’m coveting right now: Continue reading

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Today is a good day: scarf lovin.

This is the best day of my life. I’m wearing the scarf I’ve been coveting for a year, and my oh my, is it a beauty. I’m not going to pretend that this scarf was inexpensive. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t have to make a promise to myself, with Hilary as my witness, that if I bought this scarf I wouldn’t buy another scarf until fall. I’m not going to pretend that everybody should spend this much money on a scarf. I’m a scarf addict though. I’m different. I needed this scarf. Continue reading

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What do Jessica Alba and Diane Kruger have in common?

If you looked at their movie choices (and, sorry Jessica, acting ability) then the answer would be very little. But on the red carpet and on the streets, they’re always flawlessly dressed. I don’t know if they both just have amazing stylists, or if they’re just pro-fashionistas, but they’re awesome. Continue reading

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My serious, life-changing, pants revelation

Remember how I claimed that I would never wear pants again, because I had found incredibly adorable hounds-tooth shorts, and they didn’t have to come in extra-long, because I could just wear tights. Tights are the tall girl’s solution to pants. Continue reading

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DIY addiction

Rearranged apartment, ALL the paper cranes, and the amazing mug.

Rearranged apartment, ALL the paper cranes, and the amazing mug.

I occasionally become rather obsessed with new things – anything from movies, to actors, to items of clothing – and then become all consumed. I once wore the same sweater dress – I was on holidays mind – for about four days in a row. I just couldn’t seem to take it off, it was too cozy and flattering. A difficult combo to obtain in a sweater dress and one to be celebrated for sure. And those who know me know my love for Tom Hardy knew absolutely no bounds. This weekend I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightly Matthew MacFadyen version) three times. It’s an illness. Continue reading

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Folk band style (is the best)

If the interweb, album covers, and music magazines are to be believed, folk bands just have the best style. They no doubt thrift most of their most excellent finds, and they all seem to be able to pull together a whimsical, on-trend, interesting outfit with a certain nonchalance and ease. You know how Hilary wanted a photographer to follow her around so she could get awesome hipster profile pictures? I want somebody to stage a myriad of folksy photo shoots with me. I mean really, look at these bands. Sit them down in front of something vintage or rustic, and voila: fashion worth emulating. Folk bands might be the single most influential reason I bought those hounds tooth shorts. Somebody! Find me a country farm house with vintage wall-paper and fetch my mandolin! It’s time for my close-up. Continue reading

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Showcase: Circle Scarves

We all know how much I love scarves. Accessories make an outfit, and my favourite accessories are scarves. The best are infinity, or circle scarves. They’re big, fluffy, and make you look like a cozy hobo. A cozy, pulled together hobo. Google images is going to tell you that you can wear your circle scarf pulled up over your head like a hood and scarf in one. You can’t. This is a terrible idea. If you do this in real life I will delete you. Continue reading

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