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In Slight Defense of Miley Cyrus

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what is the big deal with people hating on Miley Cyrus? There are probably a lot of things out there floating about on the internet that I have not seen and probably won’t. I have not done that much research and I’m sure it doesn’t really matter unless she’s killed someone which seems very unlikely; I definitely would’ve heard about that, I don’t live under a rock. Continue reading

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Just Because You’re Famous, It Doesn’t Make You Interesting

I discovered this article on Oh No They Didn’t today about the most boring celebrity instagram accounts. You can read the full list here. Continue reading

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Amanda Bynes, this is why people get hobbies.

It’s time. I think it’s finally time. I’m surprised that neither of us have commented on this yet, because we’re all about ridiculous stuff, but we haven’t which is why I think now is the time to ask: Amanda Bynes, what have you done to your life? Continue reading

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The Secret Trivial Pursuit Master

Last night was our Trivial Pursuit challenge. In an interesting twist, neither Ed nor my father won. Mum and Julia were the runaway winners. And when I say runaway, I mean that they beat the other two teams by one point. So not really runaway at all actually. Continue reading

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So Many Oranges

I was having a really hard time trying to come up with something to write about today. I realized that it was because I’m on reading week and thus far from the people that normally irritate me, ie. my peers. So then I thought I would tell you all about my reading week, but I then realized that I have done very little of interest this week. Basically, I’ve slept a lot and eaten way too many oranges. You may think that eating too many oranges is not really a thing, but I’ve already had three today. I will probably have at least one more. Continue reading

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A good thing when you have it

Sometimes I think we can all have a bit of trouble recognizing a good thing when we have it. We think “oh sure, it’s good now, but wouldn’t it be great if I … saw him ALL DAY LONG?, ate AAAAAALL the Skittles?, lived in a huge mansion with every single one of my best friends?” And the answer is always, always no. Sure, he’s lovely, but boys need their privacy too. Skittles are downright delicious, but if you eat too many you will get sick. And while a huge mansion sounds just grand, you can’t live with every single one of your best friends because some of them are married, some of them are completely OCD, and some of them don’t even know how to load a dishwasher (for shame!). Sometimes we just have to see something good, and call it, and walk away. Continue reading

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“LITERALLY like an animal attack on the eyeballs”: A post brought to you by The Bachelor

And so it begins! We kick off the season with a video montage of Sean looking a bit on the tangerine side, FaceTiming on his iPad, wearing converse sneakers, frolicking with children, and working out. Giving all the ladies what they want. He actually said that he wants to fill a house with “love and laughter;” he’s not holding anything back this season. Women of America hold on to your heartstrings! Continue reading

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Twitter: I’m pretty sure you’re doing it wrong

Hilary and I are by no means expert tweeters, though we do try to be hilarious, so you should still follow us (@SarcasmSoapbox). That said, I feel as though we’ve got a relatively good grip on what one should and should not tweet about compared to some. And while I’m fairly certain that the entire purpose of Twitter is simply to help you waste time, there appear to be some people who have somehow got Twitter horribly, horribly all wrong. Continue reading

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I’m going to take this opportunity to lecture you about sunscreen

I get it, looking tanned is way more attractive than looking pasty. This is a fact I cannot deny, especially as an extremely white person. I’m very pale it has to be said, and in the winter, I get even paler, my skin actually becoming the colour of milk and progressively more and more transparent so that you can see great blue veins everywhere. I personally think that this is me, progressing deeper into my potential future superpower, becoming so pale as to be invisible. I’ll say hi to Iron Man for you all when I finally make it. Continue reading

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Oh hey, Twitter!

Hello, good people of the Twitterverse!

You will be pleased to know that a) Julia’s animated film “There’s Broccoli in my Salad” about that fun-loving newt Chester is in the post-production phase, and b) that Sarcasm Soapbox has set up its very own twitter account. Obviously we set it up, not the website, though that would be wholly more impressive. Wholly. Continue reading

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