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In Defence of YOLO

As many of you are, I’m sure, aware, a new craze has swept today’s youth: YOLO (for the uninitiated, “You Only Live Once”). From its humble beginnings as an acronym for a mantra of dubious relevance, YOLO has exploded onto the scene as perhaps the most versatile word since “Google.” Consider, for example, the many parts of speech that this mercurial word can assume:

-Interjection: “Are you really going to climb that mountain, bro?” “Damn right! YOLO!”
-Noun: “Why’d you break up with Dylan?” “I don’t know… he just didn’t have enough YOLO in him, you know?”
-Adjective: “Bro, did you just break that bottle over your head? That is so YOLO!”
-Verb: “Do you want to just stay in tonight?” “No, we need to YOLO the hell out of this situation right now.” Continue reading

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