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Fall comedies

When we ordered cable for the new place we all decided to stick with the basic package. I can’t lie to you, my life feels just a little bit emptier without the Food Network, but in all honestly, basic cable has all we really need: sitcoms and the Mentalist. Continue reading

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My love for Rob Lowe and Parks and Rec increases

I know that I’ve already blogged about my new-found love for Parks and Rec, and how that love was greatly intensified when Rob Lowe joined the show. And then last night, still in an effort to get caught up/give in to my new and already raging addiction to Amy Poehler and her comedy, I saw this episode and now I just… I just love Rob Lowe and Parks and Rec so much more. Please watch this, I defy you not to crack a smile. Continue reading

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The Sitcom Threshold Phenomenon

I’ve discovered, and I’m sure you have too, that there exists, what I’ve coined, a Sitcom Threshold Phenomenon – there is a precise amount of TV shows that you can keep up with on a weekly basis. This number varies, greatly, depending on the viewer’s situation. I can keep up with a rather lot because I don’t have children, I barely clean my apartment, and I tend to put off doing groceries of any kind for a very long time. In short, I’m young. But even I’ve got stuff going on – I do have friends you know, as well as a gym pass and a dance studio to go to – so, I’ve found I can keep up with six shows – though two only run in the summer: New Girl, Mindy Project, Community, Men at Work, Melissa and Joey (don’t judge) and the Mentalist (not a sitcom, but still great TV). Continue reading

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“It’s like a rainbow. Of UGLY.”

A friend introduced me to Ze Frank’s webshow True Facts, wherein he posts educational and hilarious videos, narrated as Morgan Freeman. I have watched these clips so many times, partially because they’re hilarious, but mostly because then I pretend that Morgan Freeman is narrating my life (I’ve yet to perfect his voice) and doing “True Facts about Julia from that Website Sarcasm Soapbox”. But because that webisode is yet to be made … here are my two favourites for your viewing pleasure. Continue reading

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These two women are as funny as it gets

If you missed the Golden Globes, which, let’s face it, it’s not the Oscars, so it’s likely, please watch this intro. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK! These two women are truly, truly funny, and they toe the line, so they’re poking fun and not being horribly cruel (right Ricky Gervais?).

I can’t but think they’ve set the bar pretty high for Seth McFarlane and the Oscars, don’t you?

~ Julia

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I Am The Solution to Canadian Television (Possibly)

It has come to my attention that CBC doesn’t air enough/any shows for teens. That’s not to say that the occasional fourteen-year-old doesn’t enjoy Corner Gas or devour every episode of Little Mosque on the Prairie. I often watched The Red Green Show at an early age, though it was usually with my father, who is similarly fond of fixing things with duct tape. I mean really, who isn’t? Continue reading

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What we’re in love with this fall: TV update

Usually the Canadian Comedy network is the least funny network on tv,  but they’ve really turned things around this season! Continue reading

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Movie Marathon Extravaganza

Tomorrow, Julia and I, along with Jess, are going to invest several hours of our time in a movie marathon. Automatically, most of you are thinking “which movie series are you going to watch?” Well, some of you probably are. In all honesty, most of you are probably thinking, “I don’t really care”. But that’s fine, I don’t need you anyway! Continue reading

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Nothing says “springtime” like Jane Austen’s sass

Nerd alert! I'm talking books. Sassy excellent books.

When I was fifteen or sixteen my aunt Heather gave me Pride and Prejudice for my birthday. I read it that spring. At that age the novel seemed to be a really tediously told love story. Gosh Austen just seemed to blather on and on about really insignificant crap, but Mr. Darcy’s babe-ness and Elizabeth’s kick-ass character were still enough to keep me captive. Continue reading

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